Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Re: Eagles Not Yet Super

JOHN MASTOROUDES’ verdict published in this column last week that Stephen Keshi’s Eagles are not yet Super despite being crowned as African champions, elicited a huge response from readers. Particularly controversial was Mastoroudes’ assertion that home-based players like Sunday Mba and Godfrey Oboabona did not have enough class, although they showed a lot of guts and fighting spirit. This week, it’s the readers’ turn to have their say, even as Keshi gets set to announce the squad that will face the Harambee Stars of Kenya later this month in Calabar when the 2014 World Cup qualifiers resume.

Mumini, I am an addict of your Soccertalk and may God bless you for showing genuine concern about our Super Eagles. Same goes for Mr. John Mastoroudes. His critical analysis of the Eagles was fantastic. Please forward same to coach Keshi and the NFF for necessary action and correction.– MICOSA.

Mastoroudes is a wizard in football matters. His advice and recommendations should be forwarded to Keshi with immediate effect. Keshi can even find time to discuss with him one on one. – Adegum Gbenga Charles, Akure.

I do not share the opinion of John Mastoroudes that there is no world class striker like Osaze in our Afcon team. It will give a wrong impression that Osaze should be recalled into the team now. We all remember how his profligacy in front of goal made us miss Afcon 2012. Also, Mastoroudes is yet to explain to us his role in the task force that rejected Amodu and gave us Lagerback that failed to qualify his country for a World Cup berth. – Adewumi Adetunji.

Mastoroudes has said it all. The NFF and Keshi should now prepare well for the World Cup qualifying match against Kenya and Confederation Cup in Brazil. Keshi should select good players who will follow his game plan. If Osaze realise his mistake and apologise to the coach, he should be re-considered because he can still be useful to the team. Up Super Eagles! Up Nigeria.– Emma Arinze, 08180342145.

A team should be serviced constantly just as a car. Kudos to Mr. Mastoroudes for his critical analysis about how a team should be handled.  – Ifeanyi, Ketu, Lagos.

Even though we are now African champions but we must realize that the Eagles are not yet technically mature. The team’s attack and midfield still need reinforcement. Keshi should see this victory as a foundation because there is still a long way to go if Nigeria must become African football powerhouse. – Anayo Mbam. Lagos.

Mastoroudes’ analyses on the Super Eagles is very correct and I wish keshi would bring in more players to encourage competition and get the best that’ll qualify Nigeria for the World Cup. – Fessy, Badagry.

I quite agree with John Mastoroudes that Keshi does’nt have good replacements in all the departments in the Super Eagles apart from goal-keeping. – Olasoji Olajide, Ikorodu. Lagos.

Mastoroudes was analytically objective and without bias. I wish minds like him heads the NFF. – Deola.

Mr Mastoroudes has said it all. I’m of the opinion that Keshi should act like a professional and drop any grudge against any players. We need our best legs not to be disgraced in bigger tournaments. We have enough talented players to select from in midfield with the inclusion of Haruna Lukman but we only have Efe and Omerua in defence. In the attack, we need players like Odemwingie, Amoebi, Matins and others to join Moses and Emenike for the Eagles to get even stronger – Olasope Nelson, Lagos Island.

Mastoroudes’ insight on the Super Eagles AFCON outing are okay but on Odemwingie’s recall, he is wrong. Odemwingie is recalcitrant and unrepentant. He has no right to criticize, or refuse invitation when he is injury-free. The player thinks he knows more than Keshi and should be left out of the team. Keshi must be respected as coach and be given the free hand over his team if we must move forward. – Jones Akudike, Lagos.

Bro. Mumini, John Mastoroudes is one of the best football instructor. I want Stephen Keshi to listen to him because he needs such advices not only from Mastoroudes but also from the likes of Chief Onigbinde, Clemens Westerhof and others. Also, Osaze must thoroughly apologise to the NFF, Keshi and Nigerians. After that, the authorities can consider him to play for Nigeria in the future.  – Alhaji Emiola Lukman, Ikorodu, Lagos.

The analysis by Mastoroudes was okay and I really agree with him that the AFCON Super Eagles did not have a good bench. But Osaze should not be an issue so that one bad apple will not spoil the whole basket. – Isaac Omotayo.

Mastoroudes was spot on. If Keshi follows up with his analysis and suggestions, the Super Eagles will not only be world class, but he (Keshi) will have himself to thank for it. – Idu Akenzua, Benin City.

Dear Mumini, while I totally agreed with John Mastoroudes’ critical analysis of the AFCON winning Super Eagles, I don’t agree with his supposed call for the return of Osaze Odemwingie to the national team. A sausy, indiciplined, arrogant player has no place in this rejuvinated Eagles and I strongly stand by your assertion that our national team don’t need a player like him.– Dele. Ilesa, Osun State.

Mr mastoroudes is right. Keshi needs to bring back players like Odemwingie, Martins and others of qualities to help the Eagles become stronger. – James, Surulere, Lagos.

Coach Stephen Keshi and his crews should cut short their celebrations of AFCON victory and start preparing for the task of Brazil 2014 qualification and the Confederation Cup in June. New players must be discovered to replace those who might have lost form. l love the Mastoroudes analysis, the man has said it all. –  Gordon Chika Nnorom, Umukabia, Abia State.

I concur with Mastroudes assessment of the present Eagles but totally disagree on giving Osaze a call up back to the team. He will be more of distraction rather than attraction to the team. If there is need for more quality strikers, Martins, Anichebe, Ameobi etc would be better addition to the team rather than Ozase who see himself as bigger than the team and even the whole nation. – Mr. Owolabi Era, Ijanikin, Lagos.

Hmmm. Mastoroudes had said many things that are in my heart for the Eagles. We won the Nations Cup with hard work. Now we need more hard work and technique to become more ‘super’ even more than the ‘94 team. We need more good players in the team and thank God Keshi admitted that we have not arrived yet. As for Barcelona, all they need is a better coach. GOD bless Nigeria. –  Daniel Chukwuma, Ajegunle, Lagos.

Mumini, good morning. What Mastoroudes said on Soccertalk radio is the best thing for the Super Eagles. Continuous motivation and bringing in more players with discipline, passion, dedication and tactical awareness would make the team better. Lastly coaches in NPL should recommend good players to Keshi whether in the NPL, Division I, or even States Leagues. – Shina Benjamin, VI, Lagos.

Oga Mumini, I think I can agree with Mastoroudes in most of his analysis except where he said we did not do well in the “first three games”. To me, the pitch and of course bad officiating denied us outright victories in the first two games while anxiety was responsible for the third game. – Adefuwa, Lagos.

I really appreciate the analysis by Mastoroudes. Keshi should manage Ozaze’s attitude and recall other quality players who can make the Eagles even stronger. Even God is managing all of us differently. – Adebayo Ewajesu Peter, Ibadan.

The views of Mastoroudes on Super Eagles is a master class. I hope Keshi will lay his hands on one copy of the Complete Sports interview of 27th Feb, 2013. John, you are football officionado of Nigeria.– Odiase Bennett, Nigeria Customs Service.

I think Mastoroudes is right. Sure the Eagles now have a base but it is not yet Uhuru. We need a few more quality players in the team to get better. – Sebastine Erhaze, Abuja.

God bless Mastoroudes for the wonderful and critical analysis. Keshi’s attention should be drawn to it for better results as African Champions. – Benson Uduehi, Benin City.

Eagles are super for winning the AFCON 2013. Keshi should carefully look at Mastoroudes’ analysis and implement them. Lets see how it will work for us at the Confederations Cup with Osaze, Ameobi and even Dike if he is fit. Whatever the difference should be settled between the coach and his players. Even Keshi resigned but came back after matters were resolved. Keshi must beware of what led to Siasia’s fall. – Ken Oluigbo, Lagos.

Mumini John is right. In your blog some weeks back, I said the Eagles do not have a second 11. – Ediseye Abiamowei.

I agree with Mastoroudes that Keshi needs to bring players like Joel Obi, Odenwngie and Martins back into the Eagles because we need more tested legs for the Confederation Cup where we’ll be coming up against the likes of World Champions, Spain. Best of luck to Nigeria. – Ukpeme, Ukanafun LGA, Akwa Ibom.

I entirely agree with John Mastoroudes that Keshi needs to fortify his team with more quality players ahead the remaining Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifiers and the Confederations Cup in June. – Tony Biakolo, Delta.


  1. It is a good thing that Keshi has the mind to take risk by giving players chances to prove themselves. He should continue in that vain and give as many players as possible room to prove themselves, and by so doing, great and new talents will certainly emerge. Thank you for the good jobs you are doing for sports especially football in this country

    Cosmas, Lagos

  2. As at now, Keshi has little room for experimenting so he has to be careful how he build on AFCON's success. Hopefully, there would be more friendlies to try out other players for the team while the main team steadily continues its growth and understanding.
    We should also be content with good non-disgraceful outing @ the WC (i.e. if we qualify) and the confederation cup. Players whose ages are above 30 or on the wrong side of age need not be invited again except in critical positions and circumstance. Our young team should be allowed to grow and not sacrificed in a bid for quick success.

  3. Please leave Keshi alone. What did John achieve as a footballer or administrator? This is the reason why Nigeria is not moving forward - failures and tribalists wanting to foist their stupid agenda on us all.

  4. Nigerian team has proved that they are best in African continent -